Mind Body Spirit

The natural state of Being for a human being is Truth, Consciousness and Bliss. During our evolution we have become disconnected from that perfect state and often do not believe that we are anything more than our physical body and Ego-mind.

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Re-discovering our true essence of peace, love and stillness is a purpose of human life. One way to move towards this is through bringing Body and Mind together mindfully so that Spirit is revealed.

Tai Chi and Qigong are an excellent way to bring good physical exercise together with ancient knowledge of health practices by maximising Chi (Qi) - intrinsic energy or breath. Focussing the mind on the physical produces a deeper insight into stilling the mind so that we can be more relaxed, tolerant and generally happier.

After a time of practice there can be a sense of rediscovering the deeper stillness which is our essential nature. Tai Chi is often referred to as "Movement in Stillness and Stillness in Movement".

Pauline Allen 2017