About Pauline

Pauline Head

I was trained in ballet from an early age and graduated from the Royal Ballet School at age 18.I spent a year as a professional dancer in Germany and then onmy return became involved with sport, exercise and gym work.

Keeping the body fit and healthy has always felt worthwhile and pleasurable so I expanded my expertise into remedial massage including aromatherapy and reflexology.

Dealing with clients made me realise the mind/body connection and took acertified counselling course to help clients as they off-loaded their troublesduring massage sessions. Also, I tried many therapies myself so that I could speak from experience when clients asked about the usefulness or otherwise of other therapies.Even to taking psychotherapy to deal with my own issues.


This took meforward to exploring philosophy of the East and West and Tai Chi came into my life.I was a member of a School of Philosophy for many years and am currently in an esoteric School developing my spiritual side.

Tai Chi has become a major part of my life because it brings together Body, Mind and Spirit. Through teaching it I have deepened mypersonal experience and hope to help others with insights and example.

I am a member of The Chinese Internal Arts Association (CIAA). British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA) and Tai Chi Union of Great Britain (TCUGB).

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